​Health Issues
Worked alongside PCT to draw their attention to certain ethnic minorities who are pre-disposed to certain medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or HIV. 

​Ongoing partnership with Southend MIND and latterly with its REASON project in providing support to the disadvantaged in the community.

Hosted a number of health seminars on topics of interest attended by both our members and the Southend community in general, such as:

Heart and circulation, cancer, diabetes, anti-smoking, alcohol, bowel and IBS conditions, hypnotherapy, sexual health, arthritis, depression and mental health
We have also raised the awareness and provided information in related areas such as fire safety in the home and elsewhere, advice and support in welfare matters, youth issues and Zumba and Tai Chi demonstrations


“Milaap”, a truly cultural evening where different religions, and cultures were on show to the wider public. 

“Inter-faith discussion”, where members of various communities were bought together to highlight the issues involved in the different communities.

Domestic Violence
Liaised with the local police to produce awareness posters in different languages to encourage communities to gain confidence with the police, for issues regarding domestic violence.

For the past 3 years we’ve worked closely with the domestic violence forum and are now involved in their core decision making group. 

Successfully arranged courses on domestic violence for different community leaders to raise awareness.  

Now, victims of domestic violence who aren’t British national but who are legally in this country will be entitled to receive help from the police. 

Free translations for local carers and organisations have been provided.


Hosted a garden party which raised funds for the hospital’s Strokebuster campaign

Visits have been made to local primary and secondary schools raising the awareness of different cultures amongst youth. 

Collaborated alongside the youth council to arrange meetings between youths from various ethnic minorities, to enable them to play an active role in shaping ethnic youth policy.
Inform the council about problems faced by ethnic youths which we live in.

Chairperson’s comments
The Southend Ethnic Minority Forum was first set up to communicate with the residents of Southend by gathering their views on local issues and work with them to identify and address areas of importance and concern in a mutually supportive environment. 

As a body, we aim to reach a very broad spectrum of people from minority ethnic backgrounds living and working in the borough and hope that our efforts in doing so will create a friendly climate. 

We know that achieving our aims will not be easy and we will face many difficult challenges. However a very promising start has been made and we are confident, that with your help and support, we will be able to rise to those challenges and make a real difference, community-wide, to the lives of our families, friends, neighbours and colleagues.